With Zelos, advertising programming is simple and intuitive.

Zelos allows you to work at different levels with the use of different levels of user, from contact management and quotes, analysis of statistics, to real commercial and commercial programming.
Ensures an immediate search for all contract, scheduling and programming details.

Master Data Management and Activity Planning
Allows you to organize your Clients, Contacts, and Leads records, task scheduling, and archiving documents for each individual customer.
Zelos is the ideal advertising tool for every need, with precise and detailed production and commercial statistics.

Cluster Marketing and Product Management
Creating timetables and time slots is simple and differentiated for different emission areas.
The management of Spot, Banners and auxiliary services is intuitive and allows the creation of price lists and promotional packages integrated in the production of quotations and contracts.

Advertising Scheduler
Advertising programming is quick and can be managed manually or automatically with fully customizable programming rules.
Zelos allows the management of several elements within the same programming and guarantees the management of matching programming to diversify different areas or different programming periods.

Billing is immediate. With just a few clicks you can generate specific or full-day bills based on the contracted maturities.

By integrating with BitOntoLive systems, the programming is directly associate with the audio/video elements of the Philo Media Manager archive.

Synchronizing with BitOnLive systems makes it an essential and very powerful tool for the management of your radio and Tv.

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