Flu-O TV Playout is an innovative playout software that integrates broadcasting system requirements functions into one program: playout, graphics generator and mixer video up to 6 external input.
Flu-O TV is characterized by a high flexibility which allows you to use it for classic TV channels, informative television, innovative music channels and “RadioVision”.
The operator always has all the elements and instruments created and sets in Philo to attend quickly and accurately on the broadcast. You can reload a schedule, load another playlist, check live events, activate external devices, manage graphics in real-time, interact with the channel’s information website by swapping real-time data in standard xml format, intervene through the preview and trim feature on the markings of each clip.
Flu-O TV stores at different log levels, so you can use it to control transmissions and generate reports as provided by law.
Flu-O TV Playout allowe the issue of advertising with graphics overlapping managed in time in relation to specific automation of graphics, or for single clip and for entire categories.
For thematic channels it is easy to set up an automated graphic format that can best identify the channel.

Flu-O TV


  • Playout
  • Graphic Generator
  • Mixer video
  • Uo to 6 external inputs
  • Preview audio/video
  • Automatic scheduling
  • View and edit the playlist manually
  • Check live events
  • Graphic layout management
  • Real time graphic control
  • Supported parametric flash animations
  • Advertising banner
  • Edit Markin and Markout in real time
  • Real-time clipboard markup update
  • Displays transmitteded logs and user-made operations
  • Reconciliation Transmitteded
  • External device management Tcp/Ip, Serial, Gpio (matrix, switches, audio processors, video processors, remote control)
  • Audio recording
  • Audio editor
  • Instant Player
  • Automatic framing management