Philo Media Manager is the software for storage and scheduling programming.
With Philo Media Manager all the archive is handy, well-organized and with a a view of the various fields easily customizable.
Creating playlist is easy and intuitive and can be managed at different levels, from manual, very simple with the drag and drop of single elements or entire programming blocks, to fully automatic.
Philo Media Manager can manage multiple channels, giving the possibility, if desired, to share resources in common spaces.
Advanced programming gives the user complete control over the times and modes of automatic file selection ensuring a personalized and unique rotation.

Philo Playlist


  • Archive songs, clips, advertising, programs, shows, automations
  • TV series management (shows, sports championships, series etc.) with episodes and replicas planning, set opener, jingles and matched graphics
  • Scheduling parametric flash animations, banner, playout automatic start and stop
  • Basic advertising scheduler
  • Configuration for advertising jingle (opening, closure, intermezzo)
  • Editing file (MarkIn, MarkOut, Intro, Outro, RefrainIn, RefrainOut)
  • Multiple markings for programs
  • Setting entire programming blocks
  • Parametric scheduling
  • Managing the schedule structure based on week’s days
  • Management of infinite templates for creating the schedule
  • Daily playlist creation manual or automatic
  • Management of manual playlist
  • Customize colors of tables, categories, groups, filters
  • Customization of required fields
  • Customize Views
  • Drag and drop
  • Event Management
  • Set graphic styles
  • Graphic layout management
  • Time stopset management
  • Live source management
  • Multi-channel
  • Multi-user
Philo SegueEditor