• 1 Flu-O TV PlayOut
  • 2 live input
  • Device Manager
  • Philo Media Manager 1 channel, 1 user
  • Zelos Cloud advertising manager (audio/video/banner), 1 channel, 1 area
  • Audiocast 2 channel
  • Radio/TV Tools, WebApp Utility, Content Manager (generate RSS, crawl etc.), Report SIAE, SCF

BitOnLive offers an intuitive and complete TV automation system capable of working with any kind of support in both SD and HD and can offer the user who needs to manage a Tv channel, simple and fast tools for archiving of files, programming and broadcasting.
These tools are Flu-O Tv, broadcasting software and Philo Media Manager, storage and scheduling software: the two software are in constant communication with each other so that they can give the user the confidence to work in real time on what is happening even at different locations. The user also has a tool for creating and managing graphics, animations, ticker, crawl etc; con TemplateCG you can preset some basic graphics.

Template CG

Flu-O Tv is an innovative playout software that integrates broadcasting system requirements functions into one program: playout, graphics generator and mixer video with 2 external input.
It’s works with the schedule created by Philo through the manual playlist, or by manual entry made directly from the control station.
The operator always has all the elements and instruments created and sets in Philo to attend quickly and accurately on the broadcast.
You can reload a schedule, load another playlist, check live events, manage graphics in real !me, interact with the channel’s website through the interchange of data in real !me in a standard format xml.
Flu-O Tv stores at different level of logging, so you can use it to control the transmission and generation of reports required by law.
Flu-O Tv allowe the issue of advertising.
Flu-O Tv keeps updated in real !me the marking of the clips already scheduled, performs the reconciliation of transmissions.


  • Playout
  • Graphic Generator

  • Mixer video
  • Preview audio/video
  • 2 external input
  • Automatic scheduling
  • View and edit the playlist manually
  • Check live events
  • Graphic layout management (up to 20 layout)
  • Real time graphic control
  • Supported parametric flash animations
  • Advertising banner
  • Edit Markin and Markout in real time
  • Displays transmitted logs and user-made operations
  • Real-time clipboard markup update
  • Reconciliation Transmitted
  • External device management Tcp/Ip, Serial, Gpio (matrix, switches, audio processors, video processors, remote control)
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